Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another First

Logan was so cute the other day at the Freeland Park. He kinda wondered away from me and crawled through the wood chips up the stairs and down the slide only to do it again and again! He had never done this before nor was he coached to do so! He really continues to surprise me!!!

Logan doesn't like gates

Logan doesn't take well to being penned up. But he was happy to see me. He sure did try to get past my sorry attempt to keep him safe! Its a good thing he is awesome at the stairs now. We only used gates until it just became a joke.

Dishwasher or Jungle Gym...you pick

My mom used to tell me stories all the time growing up about how I used to climb in everything and on everything...well here's mine! I love this kid. He follows me like a puppy and he's always very cute. Logan's favorite dishwasher action is while I am unloading the dishwasher and there is water in a bowl or a cup that spills out and pools up on the door. He splish-splashes all the day long! Then he tries to drink it!
A little river dance on the door!