Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Stocking up

   I took my eldest to Costco this afternoon and I understand it's been a while so we bought a lot of stuff, but I have been taking care of stuff for 3 hours.  We spent almost 2 hours in the store and called it quits when the cart was so full the raspberries fell out and ended up across three aisles of produce.  Picking up a 25-lbs of flour and rice in the first 10 minutes probably wasn't smart either.  I am hoping I am not alone in my hatred of serious Costco or restocking trips! I struggle a little with just weekly trips, but I sometimes get along well enough with doing very little because of these insane Costco trips.  I talked to the cashier and she said that she does a little shopping every night and although it hasn't changed the bottom line it has helped decrease the stress of these major shopping trips for her.  I have two loads left to take out to the garage, bagels to slice and bag, PediaSure to find a hole for in a refrigerator, oh and my youngest fiber chews (why is that bottle so big) to put away! I'm happy I am almost done and I was able to make a dinner everyone was happy with.  Usually I'm so beat after a Costco run we find frozen food or one of the boys makes dinner. 
   Here's to doing my SixSisters Meal Plan shopping tomorrow, I am positive it will be easier and less painful.  Those girls are my jam, my lifesavers and everything in-between! I love their meal plans.  Look them up and get some samples to save your sanity!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 3

 In case it isn't perfectly clear this is from Christmas Day!
After presents and breakfast we ran to the beach to place in the waves.
And because one beach just isn't enough we found another beach!

Pinewood Derby 2017

As soon as we got to the track the dad's got to work on our car!  Starting with the graphite in the wheels.  We haven't used it before and it seems to really add some speed to the cars!
 Next Brother Hazelwood help add the wheels until they were perfect; not too loose and not too tight!

 We weighed it and car number 8 was ready to race!
 He might not have taken first place, but he did have fun! Look at that smile!
 This is a watercolor car!
 So grateful for the team effort! Brother Cox cut this bad boy out and Brother Hazelwood helped sand it down until it was perfect.  When our boy didn't win first place Brother Hazelwood said that he was going to go home a cry a little and then get ready for next years race!

Good bye tooth!

I don't know if you can see his tooth necklace or not but he lost his third tooth during lunch..."I pulled it out." This kid is an animal! He only told me about the looseness of said tooth that morning and then, wham, we've got a tooth missing! Here's to many more missing teeth!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 2

 We started our adventures early this morning and found ourselves in a little drizzle and morning mist, but for the most part the El Yunque National Forest protected us and only showered us with some much needed cooling mists!
 Curtis and the boys in case you can't make them out through the misty fog!

 I love this cut out and the bench! 
 The leaves in the rain forest were ginormous.
 We stopped at McDonald's so that Thing3 would actually eat a meal and as we pulled onto the freeway the car was so loud...Yeah flat tire! This gave me a chance to stop and take a look around at all the local shops and Thing3 got to buy couple little things too.
 Back to our beach at the resort. I am so glad I thought to bring the inner-tubs the boys have loved riding the waves!
Tomorrow is Christmas and we are ready for staying home and fending for ourselves.  Remember the reason for the season!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 1

 It was great to have a nice slow morning our first day in Puerto Rico.  The boys slept in until 9:30am Puerto Rico time and then we took things slow.  Thank goodness there is a Wal-Mart and food that the boys recognize so that there wasn't too much culture shock. 
Putting on sunscreen is serious business.
According to thing2  application was done correctly and no assistance is needed.  Oh well.

 We had our first encounter with nature on the way to the beach, 2 Iguana's! The boys were excited to see how big they were and how quickly they got up the trees!
 We finally made it to the beach! As you see one boy is a little more timid then the other.
 Can't really see both of them, but there is one with his tail in the pool in the lower right corner and the other is in the center by the hand rail of the pool.
 Martin's Chicken! Maybe we should have learned some Spanish!