Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been going running everyday this week! It is only Wednesday, but I usually give up by now! I also have come to know I am using muscles that I don't usually use. My core is slightly sore and I have been getting really bad headaches that might borderline migraines. So I am starting to think that maybe I should also take up yoga to even things out. I have read that it really helps with the headaches and it might help with the running too. I can't wait to go running this summer with my sisters! I have never been one that is big into running, but I am absolutely loving it! My running buddy is so patient with me and pushes me just right! Pretty soon I will be able to keep up a little bit better and we won't have to walk at all! Sorry!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I went running!

I know, now don't act so surprised! Well I went to Castle Park with an old friend and let me tell you, it was fantastic! We didn't run miles and miles, but we ran for a good 45 minutes...maybe even an hour! :0) I don't know if it was just my running buddy or if I really enjoy the out doors, but I ran more then I have ran outdoors in my life time! Today was day one (hopefully not the last) and I am excited to see what happens with this running thing! My mom, bless her heart, is watching my kids for me and she has to be the best grandma ever to those boys. When I called her to let her know I was on my way she said that Logan was sleeping and she was reading to James. Oh, and the best part was that James was actually really excited to see me when I opened the door. Oh the small rewards of motherhood!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bowman Bay

On Valentines day we spent the entire day outside! We started out at the Freeland Park and then headed up North to Bowman Bay (just past Deception Pass). I had never even noticed a sign for Bowman Bay, but it was fantastic! I think I may have to go camping there this summer with the boys. The weather was great and the beach was fun; they even had a little playground for James. We had such a great day! On the way home we picked up a heart shaped pizza and got home and ate and went to sleep! It was a long day of playing!

Doesn't he look so pleased with the day!

James and Logan at Bowman Bay, and yes James is holding his brother all by himself!

James investigating the shells at the Freeland Park.

Curtis and James playing at the play ground at Bowman Bay!
Curtis and Logan at the Freeland Park

For some reason this picture wouldn't change, but I just thought it was funny how much we had him bundled!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Newest Godsey!

We have a new Godsey! Yep my little brother's wife, Michelle, had a baby today! I don't know most of the stats...but he was 8 pounds (+/-) and 20 inches (+/-) and he is handsome! For her first baby he came pretty fast, although he was settled! There was a few hours that she sat at a 8+ so that must have made things interesting for Michelle, but they all make their entrance on their own time! So, congrats to Lj and Michelle and lets welcome Garrett Oliver Godsey to the circle!

Don't they look so peaceful? I know it won't last long...pretty soon he will get hungry and let you know, but for now 3 states away I love you and I can't wait to meet you next month baby Garrett!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tummy to Back!!!!

Logan rolled over today! He's been rolling over from back to front, but today he went back to tummy and tummy to back! Its a first in many!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New stats for Logan

So I took Logan to the doctor for a mysterious ever changing diaper rash and when the nurse puts him up on the scale she always asks me for a guess and I said...its been a month maybe 18.2 since he was 17.12 last time...I was so wrong. My beefcake is 18.14. My girlfriend was in the next room with her son for his 2 year well child and he was 22 pounds! He is in the -3% for his age, so he is really skinny, but still it is so funny that my son will soon out weigh a 2 year old! I asked the doctor about car seats since we are 1.2 pounds away from being too heavy and at least 2 inches (according to last months stats) over the car seat standards. Good time. He said its not really a big deal until he is hanging out! Our next car seat up starts at 30 pounds and goes up to 100 pounds. Doesn't really help us today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't know if I ever told you this...

Don't know if I ever told you this, but James loves being an older brother...most of the time. Ever since we brought home Logan he has been the "perfect" example of how an older brother should be to a baby. He would love it if I would just relax and let him help more, but walking into a room with your 2 year old holding your 5 month old by the head or neck is a little difficult to take in. I am sure he was doing it to be helpful or something sweet like that. So I had to teach him the other day how we pick up babies from under their arms and if he starts crying don't just drop him thinking you may be in trouble...waiting for that one to happen, sounds like my kid. James has his own baby with a stroller and a carrier to go with it. He love doing the same things I do and the other day I found my baby bojrn and washed it to give to my sister in law when I found James attempting to get his brother in. I thought about letting him put his baby in, but so we don't have that one happen again I decided that he could just run around in it for a while and then it would go into a box for Michelle! He is going to make a great dad someday...say 20 years from now.