Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun in Utah

We just spent almost a week in Utah visiting my siblings. We left Thursday after Curtis got home from work and stayed the night in Ellensberg and then got up and finished the drive to Orem on Friday. Just as we were coming over the pass into Utah Logan's ears started leaking goo...evidently he blew both of his eardrums. Poor baby. I have been thinking he has had a problem with his ears for months, but to find out that maybe I was right makes me feel terrible.

Saturday we started the day by blowing up one of those blow up bounce houses for Kristin's Birthday (ps she's 11) party and Peter, Stuart, Claire and Amy's unbirthday parties. My James was in hogs heaven between the bounce house, the cousins, pizza and was good. He sure does miss having his cousins around when we leave. This summer will be the first summer that he's been really old enough to really enjoy them being here.
Amy, James and Claire eating a piece of Kristin's birthday cake. Amy and James started this and when Claire saw me taking pictures of them she set up her own chair. Pretty cute kids.

Sunday was Emily's 31st Birthday and Kristin and I went to the Draper Utah Temple Dedication. It was the first temple dedication that Kristin had ever been to and it was worth the wait. While we were waiting they went through a few of the rooms and I tried to guess what each of the rooms where and teach her a little about why we do dedications and whey they are so important I told her to go home and write down everything she learned and how she felt. I went to my first dedication in my early 20's so she's a lucky girl having this chance at such a young age. Hopefully she wrote it down so she can look back at that day.

Draper Temple

Monday James made Emily a fantastic cake. His frosting tasted store bought! Fancy stuff. Nancy and Jace drove up from Cedar City to play with us. So all us Godsey kids were together!

Wednesday after the kids got home from school we all packed up the cars and took Emily to school and then headed off to the museums at BYU. We started out at the Philanthropy Museum and then went to the Bean Museum, a building full of every animal possible stuffed. The kids had a good time looking at all the animals up close.
While it was raining outside Emily and I decided to have an inside picnic for Amy, James and Claire. They were pretty sure that it was one of the coolest thing they had ever experienced. With their chicken nuggets and apples in hand they were 3 happy kids.

Thursday Emily let all the kids stay home from school and we went up to Park City, Utah and played in the snow. I have never been to a ski resort and it was beautiful and very cold. It was snowing and super windy, so after a few seconds Curtis, Amy Claire and Stuart went back to the car, but Peter, James and Kristin stayed with me and we walked around in the snow for a little bit. That night we went out to Curtis' love, Chuck-A-Rama Buffet for dinner and then Emily and I had some much needed sister time. Bride Wars was a good movie and just so you know the Founders Favorite is a pretty good choice next time your at Cold Stone.

Friday we left Orem after breakfast and headed to Curtis' brothers house in Moses Lake, Washington. It was a good drive and the boys did surprisingly well. It was nice to be able to get there in just a day instead of pushing it all the way home.

Saturday Curtis and Shane started working on the hard wood floors until the gun broke! Which was maybe 3 rows later. It was also Helen's birthday so we opened presents and went out to dinner! She is 8 and so we will be heading back up to Moses Lake in 3 weeks to do her baptism and Virgina's Birthday! They are a busy family. We are also going to watch Jessica, Shane's wife, play Bella in Beauty and the Beast a musical their stake is putting on.

Sunday we went to church and then started back home to the Island. It has been a fun trip but it will be good to be home again after being gone for such a long time! I'm excited to see my chairs my dad's been working on while we were gone.

James poops!

Last week I was busy in the garage staining our kitchen chairs while Logan was sleeping inside. James had been playing in the garage with me when he suddenly ran "inside", or at least that's where I thought he was. So after a few minutes I stopped and thought to myself, "man he's been gone a long time, but maybe there was a little more for him to do. So I figure if he's not back in a coupla minutes I am going to go see what's going on in there. Just as I was about to head inside James comes bounding back to tell me that he had pooped. When I thought about it I hadn't heard the door close at all, so I asked him where he went poo...It was awesome. He walks me to the front lawn, you know the one that across the street from highway 525...and can't find it and walks in poo. Yup my almost 3 year old just walked in his own poo and then I get to thinking not only didn't he poo in the yard across from the highway but he was still wearing his zip up jammies so he was naked squatting in the lawn across 525. Good times. We had a little lesson afterwards as to where we should go and why! I love being a mom to boys!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My mom's recital

So, last night I went to my moms recital for her students and it was great. I know I may not support my mom as much as I should on the outside, but on the inside I am a very jealous that I don't remember much of my piano lessons.

This is Gloria, she is probably the best musician her age! She also plays the piano.

Adam Baesler and Logan. The Baesler boys all fought over Logan, it's really sweet!