Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taking pictures

Look who I found at the park!
the Oliverson Family

 Just look at these melt your heart eyes!
 Such a stud muffin!

These pictures need to be edited, but I love this family and I wish I could figure out how to edit on my own...maybe that's my next class (NOT).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My boys

 So maybe I shouldn't give my kids cookies right before church...
but they are so cute eating cookies.

It's a Christmas tree

Living in Utah is a learning experience for this Island girl.  At home you buy a Christmas tree and they trim the trunk so that it's fresh and then they tie it to the roof of your car (for free) with twine.  Here in Utah they look at you weird when you ask how tall they are, laugh when you ask if they have twine and just stand there when your shoving it into your little car.
  Anyways, the boys had fun sharing the car with our 6.5 foot perfect Christmas tree.  The tree was covered in snow and left beautiful pine needles and the Christmas aroma in the car.  Now the tree is sitting in the corner of our living room with a lifetime of ornaments to remind us why we do all this crazy stuff.  It was fun watching the boys and 2 neighborhood kids put up the ornaments and telling them the stories of how they came to us.  I still have ornaments from my grandmother and her mother; ornaments that I remember placing on my tree in my parents living room.  I can't wait to continue to expand our collection and then share with my kids.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Carson is a dancing fool!

 Carson's class had a sweet little Christmas Program to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii.  The kids sang Christmas songs, danced and each one had a line about Christmas in Hawaii. Carson was really cute in his sunglasses and for one song they even had little blow up guitars. 

 I love that cheese-ball smile of his!

 Classic nose picking picture!

 At the end of the program the kids were shocked to have Santa come.  Carson was so patient (he was one of the first people in line, but everyone else had more family then he did) he was the last one on Santa's lap and asked for a Dinosaur for Christmas.  Santa tried to convince him that he wanted cars or Legos, but Carson stayed firm on those dinosaurs (hint, hint mom!).
I am so grateful for the program that he is in.  He might not be learning a second language, but he sure is having fun!