Friday, October 31, 2014

Dixie State University Homecoming Parade 2014

 Last year we got to go to the DSU Homecoming parade and it was actually the first parade that I thought was fun that I have ever been too (my standards might be low). This year the parade lasted for almost an hour and a half! That's a long parade for a little town. 
 We are close enough that we walked to the parade and got a perfect shady spot.  Even better is that it was toward the end and people had started running out of candy...DARN!
 The boys had fun watching and catching candy. I didn't want them to candy overload, so I didn't let them bring a bag.  They are obviously smarter than I am.  There is no stopping boys from getting their share of candy!
 I think James needs to go to the bathroom! He walked the last half of the way home looking like this.  It was so fun as people were driving past and walking next to us! No shame.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pine Valley Chapel

 This morning we went to Pine Valley and took a walk around this beauty.  These old buildings are incredible and we were hoping we could have been able to go inside, but the tours are only on Sunday's from 1-4. Oh well.  There is always the chance to do it another day.

 Mama and Logan checking out the view!
Look at that, learn something new everyday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mama is here to play!

We always love it when Mama comes to play, so we always take advantage of the time we have with her! I had wanted to roast a chicken for dinner, but one of my three little helpers turned the refrigerator temp all the way down so the chicken was back to being solid! But if there is one thing this women has taught me, it is to cook on the fly! We had her Baking Powder Biscuits with fresh jelly, scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner instead! I wish I could make biscuits, but every time I try they end up flat...that's with following all the directions too!
 I am so glad Thing 2 was willing to roll-up his sleeves to help her out under close supervision of Thing 3!
 It is also great that she has her cute little Rosie to take on walks! My boys love having their turn holding the leash and we have walked around the Temple and walked to the park! We love it!!!
Let's just say she is welcome to come back whenever she wants!