Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday Fun

This last Sunday was Stake Conference and since James doesn't sit well we decided to have a good family day. So we loaded up the car and headed north to Cranberry Lake in the Deception Pass State Park. It was a park I remember hiking to as a little girl during summer camp and way better than I remembered it to be! We ate our packed lunches and then Curtis and James went on a walk. After lunch we wondered down to the Holland Happenings in Oak Harbor then down to Coupeville to the pound (I've been taking James once a week for 3 months now). James loves dogs and I guess looking doesn't hurt. After the pound we stopped by a friends house and then ate dinner at the beach house! So we did lots of beach time! Ever since we went to Utah Logan we rather play with the spoon then eat his food! How does he stay so stealth?
James playing on the beach just as the sun is going down. What a blessing it is to have so many great beaches near by.
Branson, a childhood best friends little boy (Bristol). Such a cute kid, almost a year younger than James but they play so well.
Thought this was kinda neat with the sun setting in the background. James and his sticks!

Happy Birthday James!

While I have a few minutes during James nap here are a few pictures from his birthday party last night. We had my parents, Curtis' parents and Grandma Joyce over for dinner and cake. James did such a good job with the evening with out a nap even! We did have one break down but that was just before considering he didn't get a nap in the first person walked in the door! Its hard to believe that I am a mother of a 3 year old, but it is what it is! (Logan is almost 8 months, now that's a kick in the pants)
It is Godsey tradition to have birthday pancakes, and as I am sitting here looking at this, me and my dyslexia ,I totally did the 3 backwards. No wonder he's having such a hard time learning his numbers. He's probably confused!

Grandma Kincaid helping him show how old he is...is that a muscle thing? He can never do it on his own for some reason!

Curious George books

Counting the candles..."Two, two, two." Man I raise 'em genius!

Making sure the cake is protected!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend fun

This weekend Curtis had the Seattle Home Show so we were left to our own imaginations! I think we did OK especially with the great weather. Sunday morning was an interesting time around 9:30 both kids were still in the bath and when church starts at 10:00 you know how it gets 10 minutes before church starts!
Sunday night we did dinner at the beach house with my parents! It was nice to get out of the house and have a good time in the sun. My mom made pigs in a blanket over the fire and we all enjoyed something different.

The boys "making dinner" over the open fire. James even got to take part in roasting.

Logan enjoying the left overs on his fingers

My two handsomes James (almost 3) and Logan 7 1/2 months

I have such sweet boys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All smiles

While we were in Utah last month we bought Logan a new car seat. I can't believe that he has already out grown his infant car seat...poor kid has only been sitting unassisted for a month. Anyways I have been trying to get his perfect smile on film for months now and I think we got a pretty good one! We were playing while waiting on the dock for a ferry to come to go home. I think you can see the cars moving in the background, but he was being so cute I couldn't stop! (don't worry I made it to my seat in time to not look like a tourist!)

Isn't this awesome! He was about to talk! After playing with him and the camera he started posing, James just started doing that too. Tonight James was playing with an ice cream bag on his head and Curtis was trying to take a picture and James stopped what he was doing and let him take one, trust me it is totally out of character for James to hold still.
This is what I usually get from him. He wants to see it before the picture is even taken.

My Mothers Daughter...

I have always known I am my mothers daughter. I look a lot like her at this age and like her I seem to have a curse. My mom is the worst person to travel with! She is great company, but she has the worst of luck. Every time we fly with her our flight is canceled or delayed or something happens to the car/RV. Always an adventure. I am cursed, but in a different way. I am cursed with getting hurt on holidays. On Easter my oldest, James, was trying to run away from Curtis when he tripped and landed on a portable chalk board in the Primary room during Church. I was walking in the hall on my way to the primary room when I hear James crying, thinking he was just in trouble...well he was crying, just not in trouble. Curtis and I take him into the mothers lounge and after deciding not to get the only doctor (Dr. Parent is our veterinarian and he's up on the stand) during sacrament meeting we head up to the ER. The nurses started out numbing the area with a topical the takes about 20 minutes to work. Luckily after 10 minutes James fell asleep, so the doctor started the stitches. He got 2 in before James woke up crying. After a few seconds he stopped and watched the doctors hands carefully. James got 5 stitches just under his right eye brow and hasn't cared about it sense. I do have a funny boy!