Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday Fun

This last Sunday was Stake Conference and since James doesn't sit well we decided to have a good family day. So we loaded up the car and headed north to Cranberry Lake in the Deception Pass State Park. It was a park I remember hiking to as a little girl during summer camp and way better than I remembered it to be! We ate our packed lunches and then Curtis and James went on a walk. After lunch we wondered down to the Holland Happenings in Oak Harbor then down to Coupeville to the pound (I've been taking James once a week for 3 months now). James loves dogs and I guess looking doesn't hurt. After the pound we stopped by a friends house and then ate dinner at the beach house! So we did lots of beach time! Ever since we went to Utah Logan we rather play with the spoon then eat his food! How does he stay so stealth?
James playing on the beach just as the sun is going down. What a blessing it is to have so many great beaches near by.
Branson, a childhood best friends little boy (Bristol). Such a cute kid, almost a year younger than James but they play so well.
Thought this was kinda neat with the sun setting in the background. James and his sticks!

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