Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures in the Grass

Our neighbors, bless their hearts, have been taking their time about mowing the grass so I thought that I would try to get try to get some pictures in the grass before they makes straw! Seriously its that long.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

You left the Mormon in charge of a Bar?

I just started working again. I am lucky that I live right next to where I work. I walked in 2 weeks ago with my application for a server and the manager asked if I would work on Friday. I was surprised and asked if he meant next Friday...well the answer was NO he meant tomorrow. So I went to work wearing my moms black pants and my black high heels! I was styling! The schedule had just come out so I was basically on call working dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Anyways I got called in last night to work with the idea I was the only server and then my boss was going to bar tend. Awesome, or so I thought. I get there and there are 2 other servers working and 2 bussers and me. My boss stood behind the bar for 20 minutes and than left leaving me to man the bar. Awesome. All I know is that you count to 5 add soda or tonic. Needless to say I am not a bartender and I might have given away close to $250 worth of drinks! I had to go in today to let them know that won't be happening again. I had to bartend and close the entire restaurant. I love it!