Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today I got to spend some one on one time with Logan while James was at preschool.  Sometimes I use the time while James is at preschool to get things done, but today since my one on one time  is running out I ignored all the stuff that needs to get done and spent some time with my Logan. 
We had sandwiches for lunch and although I offered him a turkey sandwich with thinly sliced tomatoes he had something different in mind! That bagel was left over from breakfast and he took the half tomato that I had set aside and used it to make his own sandwich.  He really has a thing for tomatoes! Good thing we planted 5 plants! Now if I can remember to water...
Isn't he a cheese ball?!?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'd like you to meet cross eyed Bob!

In middle school my favorite teacher was Ms. Campbell and she had a boyfriend that we nicknamed cross-eyed Bob.  Maybe all babies do the cross-eyed thing, but I don't think mine have, so every time I see him doing it all I can think of is her boyfriend, cross-eyed Bob


Tonight we had BLTA sandwiches on this great bread I found.  I love the thin bagels and they have thin hamburger buns too, but I just found these and they are fantastic too! These ones had a picture of a hot dog in them, but I have seen the same looking ones that are called subs.  I tried giving them to the boys with hot dogs in them, but they didn't take my new find.
Today was another story! Add bacon to anything and he will ask for seconds, so tonight we had BLT's with a little A (avocado) just to jazz it up! I toasted them up and they were perfectly soft and warm, like brand new!
Oh course James just had bacon on his, but nothing changes around here!  FYI the last picture is not for the faint of heart! James is proud of his love for bacon.

The boys new toy

The other day my mom had the boys while I was at an interview and she helped them install the kiddie swing to a level they could actually use.  Ever since then they play on it all the time! James hasn't seemed to mind that he is the one pushing while Logan is enjoying the good rides.  Logan just laughs and laughs and James likes being run fact he might like getting run into more than Logan likes being flown around.  I think I bought this for them a year ago, but never found the right place to hang it.  I still need to get it on there a little better, but it is perfect for today and that is all I can worry about now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know many a mom that has had difficulties with their babies socks...and I am one of those moms.  I have tons of socks because I tried so many different brands with Logan.  He was such a chunky baby that everything cut off the circulation.  Even now he is wearing size 3-4 socks and he's not even two yet! Any way, Carson has had a hard time keep his socks on.  They fall off and then you loose one.  But I realized even though these socks are way too big, they look great! They are kinda like leg warmers now! They never fell down.  I did his socks at 7:30 this morning after a bath and lotion and at 10:00 when I took this picture tonight they were still on his feet without any adjustments.  I love this idea! I surprise myself sometimes.