Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know many a mom that has had difficulties with their babies socks...and I am one of those moms.  I have tons of socks because I tried so many different brands with Logan.  He was such a chunky baby that everything cut off the circulation.  Even now he is wearing size 3-4 socks and he's not even two yet! Any way, Carson has had a hard time keep his socks on.  They fall off and then you loose one.  But I realized even though these socks are way too big, they look great! They are kinda like leg warmers now! They never fell down.  I did his socks at 7:30 this morning after a bath and lotion and at 10:00 when I took this picture tonight they were still on his feet without any adjustments.  I love this idea! I surprise myself sometimes.
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