Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre-Halloween Fun at Staheli Farm

 On October 30th we went to Staheli Farm with the Oliverson's and my mom.  I'm sure if we could have just dropped them off the kids would have run happy for weeks, but it was fun while it lasted!
Brogan was so sweet when he asked to hold the baby rabbits! He did really well and James was happy to sit down and make sure Brogan and the rabbit were safe.

The kids loved this huge blow up thing!  Every few minutes the staff would kick off the older kids off so that smaller kids could run amok and act their age!

 Check out that cheesy smile!
 I wish I would have gotten a better angle of the ducks in the watering trough.  At one point all 5 kids were playing with the water pumps; racing the little ducks back and forth. 
 Hand washing station.
 Logan and Carson had fun with the giant tube on the tracks.
 Just a random cow out and roaming the farm
 She won't let me take her picture, but I got a profile along with those stinky cows.
And one more artsy picture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Color Me Rad

 This year we have done some fun 5k's together as a family.  We've done the traditional, mud run, foam run and now a color run.  If your wondering if it is worth the cost, it totally is!
I love Logan's thug face in this picture.
Look at the stud up there with the pink glasses getting all pumped up for the race!
Here we are about to start! We are on the walking side because my partner said he didn't want to run!
Our first finisher!
The girl in the pink glasses is in our ward and Carson finished out with her.  Logan fell down and didn't want to run at all.
 I was happy to have to have these boys with me at the finish line!

 This was a great race and the best part is having all these crazies with me! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Camping at Baker Dam

 A couple weeks ago I realized the kids had this break coming up in school (Thursday-Friday off of school) and my first thought was were haven't we been camping.  I asked around to my local friends for some ideas of camping nearby since my boys don't love driving and honestly I don't really like it either.  My nursing supervisor suggested that we try out Baker Dam and it is 90 minutes with plenty of fishing nearby.
Hello fly-away! 
 We were happy to find out that it was only 30 minutes away! Curtis and I got to talking and realized that it was the first time that we had been camping together and I'm just going to say he did a good job! Next time I will have to pack more firewood!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

{Spring Break 2015}

Day 5: Aunt Katie had been telling us about Piedras Marcadas Canyon

{Spring Break 2015}

Day 4:We Started our day out right at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science to watch the movie Tiny Giants in 3D.  We were there with 6 first grade classes from a local was nuts!
The movie was great and when we saw it at Target I thought about buying it because it was such a good memory, but I decided I probably didn't want to watch a movie about a little mouse and a chipmunk.
Waiting for the train to come at the zoo, by the elephants.

Going out for Pizza with Aunt Katie

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

{Spring Break 2015}

 Day 3: We start our day at Tingley Beach to get some fishing in for James. We brought fishing poles all the way from Utah and we were going to find a spot to put a line in.  I had hoped that when we camped the first night that James could catch dinner, but that didn't go as planned.  James had fun getting all three poles ready to roll.  I had fun packing a picnic for all of us and watching the boys do what they love to do!
One of us got chilly
I'm not really sure how much of their lunch they actually ate...but I can tell you those ducks looked happy.

James got a little too close and fell in.  I'm glad I didn't have to jump in after him...the water was nasty!

 Because James fell in we headed back to Rich and Katie's to clean him up and air out the car a little from the "accident." It was great watching those boys outside rolling around in the yard.
After the clean-up we decided to head over to Explora Children's Museum.  This place was pretty amazing! The kids had fun exploring all the corners, especially James.  It seemed really suited to the older kids.
Gearing up to ride this bike off the platform.
He almost made it up against the wall...I'm sure that's as far as it goes, but he was pretty impressed with himself.
James really enjoyed piloting this plane.
Seriously that face!
Logan wanted to take this little guy home...grateful we were on a road trip!
Explora had this fantastic outdoor area where the kids could build.  James mostly destroyed, but Logan and Carson really enjoyed building houses.
 This boy could not get enough with the games from the game closet.  Considering there were no games meant for a 4 year old he stayed surprisingly entertained and pulled out a game every chance he got.