Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre-Halloween Fun at Staheli Farm

 On October 30th we went to Staheli Farm with the Oliverson's and my mom.  I'm sure if we could have just dropped them off the kids would have run happy for weeks, but it was fun while it lasted!
Brogan was so sweet when he asked to hold the baby rabbits! He did really well and James was happy to sit down and make sure Brogan and the rabbit were safe.

The kids loved this huge blow up thing!  Every few minutes the staff would kick off the older kids off so that smaller kids could run amok and act their age!

 Check out that cheesy smile!
 I wish I would have gotten a better angle of the ducks in the watering trough.  At one point all 5 kids were playing with the water pumps; racing the little ducks back and forth. 
 Hand washing station.
 Logan and Carson had fun with the giant tube on the tracks.
 Just a random cow out and roaming the farm
 She won't let me take her picture, but I got a profile along with those stinky cows.
And one more artsy picture.
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