Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Question to all my moms

How do I get A & D out of my kids hair...lanolin and petroleum. I was "watching" Ben and James when they ended up with a tube...a new tube of A & D. I am thinking peanut butter, but if there is other advise out there let me know.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Words

So I feel like I have done James and maybe the rest of my "kids" an injustice by not keeping better track of the progress he has made since birth. My neighbor asked me when he got his first tooth, and I was sad that I didn't know. I am sure it is marked with a photo, but not written down. So I decide to start a list of words he knows. At his 2 year well child appointment the doctor asked how many words he knew and I guessed 20. I won't list all his words, but I just wanted all yall to know, it's over 20 and I am putting a list on my refrigerator to keep track! Good luck other first time moms!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

In the drawer

I am a little surprised that it took 2 years for James to come up with this trick, but while his buddy, Ben, was over I heard a loud noise and when I came into the room Ben's mom and I found James sitting in the drawer of the changing table. It was one of those moments that you know you should do more then just laugh; as I am running for my camera! Classic Kodak Moment!

Dental Floss

At the beginning of this month I was unpacking an over night bag Curtis had used while James was in the bathtub...well little did I know I needed help! James got out the dental floss and the way our upstairs is oriented is in a circle with both bedrooms leading into the bathroom. James had wrapped this dental floss around the rooms 3 times and then gotten into the tub before I realized what was going on! Notice the self editing he did!

Visiting Family

Yesterday we went to Ferndale (about 90 minutes North) to visit my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda. It was great to see them and to realize how close they really are. James slept part of the way and my dad came with us and he slept part of the way, so it was super short for them. We played around their non-child-safe house until dinner and then had to leave shortly thereafter. My uncle hasn't been doing well and he looked amazing, probably the best I have seen him in a really long time! Anyways, here are a few pictures of my family!

This is my Aunt Linda and my dad, Larry and they are only 11 months apart!

James, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good day!

Today was a good day. Curtis left today for a business trip to Denver which means it was just the two of us today! Well, James had a busy morning at Pump it Up, an indoor blow up amusement park about 3 blocks away, and I went to meetings for my church calling. When I got back at 11:30 my girlfriend Becky had fed him and he was ready for a nap. After naps we spent nearly 4 hours outside and then came in, ate, and went to sleep. Not too shabby! It is nice when you have good weather and great friends to help you out! I don't think we will be so lucky, weatherman says it is supposed to rain throughout the day, so I will have to be creative to run him down for sleep! Oh the goals I have for myself!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Life without the PACIFIER

So last Sunday (the 27th) James turned 2 and I decided that he was now too old for the sippy cup, the pacifier and diapers. Well it's a funny thing when mom decides something that the child doesn't have a say doesn't always work. The sippy cup has been easy, just give him cups and little amounts. That's fine, but the pacifier...not so much. After an entire week of screaming hours on end and still getting up at the same time, I gave up. Sunday I gave in and retrieved the last remaining pacifier in our entire estate. Tomorrow I will make a trip to Target to get some more on hand. This one is about to die. The plastic nipple has almost separated from the hard plastic shell. I just about went into panic mode today when I couldn't find it. And I thought I was though love! Bah

As far as the potty training goes we have gone twice in the potty and almost a BM. In the mornings we hang out in our cars underwear until bath time or nap time. He seems to really enjoy the dry end of things. Having him mostly naked helps me to remember oh I should ask if he needs to try. I am really not looking forward to changing 2 sets of diapers when baby comes or in that matter carrying 2 set of diapers when baby comes, so this is my genius. Maybe.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Catch up!

Here's a photographic timeline of our lives the last few months, so I don't have to write so much! In February James had purple lips! We never got worried enough to take him to the doctors, but it was sure a sight to see!
In March we got the baby stuff from Whidbey Island and started cleaning everything. Those were good times! On a side note: I don't knop how much these swings are supposed to carry, but I found James in this one a few days later when it was fully set up swinging in it and it didn't break! He's 30 pounds!
This is the Edmonds Easter Egg Hunt! We had a good time, although he was a little confused since there were so many kids running around. We needed to practice putting eggs in the basket I guess. I will remember that for the next one!
This was from Easter. He did much better finding the eggs and putting them in his basket. The practice was key. It may have also helped that he was the only person looking for eggs and lots of adults cheering him on. I was a little surprised that he didn't open each one to eat the contents, but he sure did have them all open and eaten within a few minutes.
In April we enjoyed watermelon coming into season. You can't see it, but he is only wearing a towel around his neck and another on his lap! He was well pleased with the arrangement.
On the 27th we celebrated James Birthday with a cookie cake. Both sets of grandparents were able to come and help blow out the candles. We blew some out the day before but evidently we will need more practice with that. Poor kid is like a guinea pig. Hopefully on this next one we will remember all these "key" things we need to practice on!