Monday, May 5, 2008

Life without the PACIFIER

So last Sunday (the 27th) James turned 2 and I decided that he was now too old for the sippy cup, the pacifier and diapers. Well it's a funny thing when mom decides something that the child doesn't have a say doesn't always work. The sippy cup has been easy, just give him cups and little amounts. That's fine, but the pacifier...not so much. After an entire week of screaming hours on end and still getting up at the same time, I gave up. Sunday I gave in and retrieved the last remaining pacifier in our entire estate. Tomorrow I will make a trip to Target to get some more on hand. This one is about to die. The plastic nipple has almost separated from the hard plastic shell. I just about went into panic mode today when I couldn't find it. And I thought I was though love! Bah

As far as the potty training goes we have gone twice in the potty and almost a BM. In the mornings we hang out in our cars underwear until bath time or nap time. He seems to really enjoy the dry end of things. Having him mostly naked helps me to remember oh I should ask if he needs to try. I am really not looking forward to changing 2 sets of diapers when baby comes or in that matter carrying 2 set of diapers when baby comes, so this is my genius. Maybe.
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