Wednesday, May 27, 2015

{Spring Break 2015}

 Day 3: We start our day at Tingley Beach to get some fishing in for James. We brought fishing poles all the way from Utah and we were going to find a spot to put a line in.  I had hoped that when we camped the first night that James could catch dinner, but that didn't go as planned.  James had fun getting all three poles ready to roll.  I had fun packing a picnic for all of us and watching the boys do what they love to do!
One of us got chilly
I'm not really sure how much of their lunch they actually ate...but I can tell you those ducks looked happy.

James got a little too close and fell in.  I'm glad I didn't have to jump in after him...the water was nasty!

 Because James fell in we headed back to Rich and Katie's to clean him up and air out the car a little from the "accident." It was great watching those boys outside rolling around in the yard.
After the clean-up we decided to head over to Explora Children's Museum.  This place was pretty amazing! The kids had fun exploring all the corners, especially James.  It seemed really suited to the older kids.
Gearing up to ride this bike off the platform.
He almost made it up against the wall...I'm sure that's as far as it goes, but he was pretty impressed with himself.
James really enjoyed piloting this plane.
Seriously that face!
Logan wanted to take this little guy home...grateful we were on a road trip!
Explora had this fantastic outdoor area where the kids could build.  James mostly destroyed, but Logan and Carson really enjoyed building houses.
 This boy could not get enough with the games from the game closet.  Considering there were no games meant for a 4 year old he stayed surprisingly entertained and pulled out a game every chance he got.
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