Thursday, July 9, 2009

You left the Mormon in charge of a Bar?

I just started working again. I am lucky that I live right next to where I work. I walked in 2 weeks ago with my application for a server and the manager asked if I would work on Friday. I was surprised and asked if he meant next Friday...well the answer was NO he meant tomorrow. So I went to work wearing my moms black pants and my black high heels! I was styling! The schedule had just come out so I was basically on call working dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Anyways I got called in last night to work with the idea I was the only server and then my boss was going to bar tend. Awesome, or so I thought. I get there and there are 2 other servers working and 2 bussers and me. My boss stood behind the bar for 20 minutes and than left leaving me to man the bar. Awesome. All I know is that you count to 5 add soda or tonic. Needless to say I am not a bartender and I might have given away close to $250 worth of drinks! I had to go in today to let them know that won't be happening again. I had to bartend and close the entire restaurant. I love it!
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