Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Zoo with Papa

May 1st the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, had the opening of the new penguin exhibit. This exhibit has been closed for a long time and it was just recently renovated. We are members to the zoo and got there 30 minutes before the exhibit was supposed to have their ribbon cutting, by the time we got there it was a quarter to and the line was over 500 people...so we went to see the carousel. James had a great time riding the horses and I stood back biting my nails watching him ride it alone without a seat belt.

After the carousel rides we walked back past the penguins there were people standing looking over the wall to the new exhibit so we snuck a peek. Aren't they cuties?!? I love my dad.

You may not be able to see her, but this is a mama gorilla and her baby. I got a really good video of her playing in a tree, ahh technology.

James playing in a little African hut. He was being so sweet playing in them, he is such an animated boy.

Playing on the elephant.

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