Saturday, May 23, 2009

Relay for Life

Just got back from our local Relay for Life garage sale! I had both of the boys most of the day and since I know a lot of people I had a good amount of help! I was happy to get rid of some of our extra stuff too. After I got there I realized there were a few boxes that I forgot to throw into the car...oh well I can totally take it to the thrift store myself, I guess. I over heard some one say that they made almost $2,500 for the American Cancer Society! It was great to be involved in such a good cause. I can't really think of anyone that has cancer other than my grandpa's lip cancer, but he was a farmer and he definitely didn't die from it. I even picked up some arm chairs! Don't really need them, but I have been looking for some for a while. I will post a picture when I have more time. They are french and have a handmade print from the early 1900's!
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