Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Mothers Daughter...

I have always known I am my mothers daughter. I look a lot like her at this age and like her I seem to have a curse. My mom is the worst person to travel with! She is great company, but she has the worst of luck. Every time we fly with her our flight is canceled or delayed or something happens to the car/RV. Always an adventure. I am cursed, but in a different way. I am cursed with getting hurt on holidays. On Easter my oldest, James, was trying to run away from Curtis when he tripped and landed on a portable chalk board in the Primary room during Church. I was walking in the hall on my way to the primary room when I hear James crying, thinking he was just in trouble...well he was crying, just not in trouble. Curtis and I take him into the mothers lounge and after deciding not to get the only doctor (Dr. Parent is our veterinarian and he's up on the stand) during sacrament meeting we head up to the ER. The nurses started out numbing the area with a topical the takes about 20 minutes to work. Luckily after 10 minutes James fell asleep, so the doctor started the stitches. He got 2 in before James woke up crying. After a few seconds he stopped and watched the doctors hands carefully. James got 5 stitches just under his right eye brow and hasn't cared about it sense. I do have a funny boy!
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