Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All smiles

While we were in Utah last month we bought Logan a new car seat. I can't believe that he has already out grown his infant car seat...poor kid has only been sitting unassisted for a month. Anyways I have been trying to get his perfect smile on film for months now and I think we got a pretty good one! We were playing while waiting on the dock for a ferry to come to go home. I think you can see the cars moving in the background, but he was being so cute I couldn't stop! (don't worry I made it to my seat in time to not look like a tourist!)

Isn't this awesome! He was about to talk! After playing with him and the camera he started posing, James just started doing that too. Tonight James was playing with an ice cream bag on his head and Curtis was trying to take a picture and James stopped what he was doing and let him take one, trust me it is totally out of character for James to hold still.
This is what I usually get from him. He wants to see it before the picture is even taken.
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