Saturday, March 28, 2009

James poops!

Last week I was busy in the garage staining our kitchen chairs while Logan was sleeping inside. James had been playing in the garage with me when he suddenly ran "inside", or at least that's where I thought he was. So after a few minutes I stopped and thought to myself, "man he's been gone a long time, but maybe there was a little more for him to do. So I figure if he's not back in a coupla minutes I am going to go see what's going on in there. Just as I was about to head inside James comes bounding back to tell me that he had pooped. When I thought about it I hadn't heard the door close at all, so I asked him where he went poo...It was awesome. He walks me to the front lawn, you know the one that across the street from highway 525...and can't find it and walks in poo. Yup my almost 3 year old just walked in his own poo and then I get to thinking not only didn't he poo in the yard across from the highway but he was still wearing his zip up jammies so he was naked squatting in the lawn across 525. Good times. We had a little lesson afterwards as to where we should go and why! I love being a mom to boys!
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