Thursday, February 5, 2009

New stats for Logan

So I took Logan to the doctor for a mysterious ever changing diaper rash and when the nurse puts him up on the scale she always asks me for a guess and I said...its been a month maybe 18.2 since he was 17.12 last time...I was so wrong. My beefcake is 18.14. My girlfriend was in the next room with her son for his 2 year well child and he was 22 pounds! He is in the -3% for his age, so he is really skinny, but still it is so funny that my son will soon out weigh a 2 year old! I asked the doctor about car seats since we are 1.2 pounds away from being too heavy and at least 2 inches (according to last months stats) over the car seat standards. Good time. He said its not really a big deal until he is hanging out! Our next car seat up starts at 30 pounds and goes up to 100 pounds. Doesn't really help us today!
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