Friday, January 27, 2017

Pinewood Derby 2017

As soon as we got to the track the dad's got to work on our car!  Starting with the graphite in the wheels.  We haven't used it before and it seems to really add some speed to the cars!
 Next Brother Hazelwood help add the wheels until they were perfect; not too loose and not too tight!

 We weighed it and car number 8 was ready to race!
 He might not have taken first place, but he did have fun! Look at that smile!
 This is a watercolor car!
 So grateful for the team effort! Brother Cox cut this bad boy out and Brother Hazelwood helped sand it down until it was perfect.  When our boy didn't win first place Brother Hazelwood said that he was going to go home a cry a little and then get ready for next years race!
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