Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Stocking up

   I took my eldest to Costco this afternoon and I understand it's been a while so we bought a lot of stuff, but I have been taking care of stuff for 3 hours.  We spent almost 2 hours in the store and called it quits when the cart was so full the raspberries fell out and ended up across three aisles of produce.  Picking up a 25-lbs of flour and rice in the first 10 minutes probably wasn't smart either.  I am hoping I am not alone in my hatred of serious Costco or restocking trips! I struggle a little with just weekly trips, but I sometimes get along well enough with doing very little because of these insane Costco trips.  I talked to the cashier and she said that she does a little shopping every night and although it hasn't changed the bottom line it has helped decrease the stress of these major shopping trips for her.  I have two loads left to take out to the garage, bagels to slice and bag, PediaSure to find a hole for in a refrigerator, oh and my youngest fiber chews (why is that bottle so big) to put away! I'm happy I am almost done and I was able to make a dinner everyone was happy with.  Usually I'm so beat after a Costco run we find frozen food or one of the boys makes dinner. 
   Here's to doing my SixSisters Meal Plan shopping tomorrow, I am positive it will be easier and less painful.  Those girls are my jam, my lifesavers and everything in-between! I love their meal plans.  Look them up and get some samples to save your sanity!
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