Sunday, November 11, 2007

This week was James second week in Nursery. His first week I cried after I dropped him off and this week I stood by the door waiting for him to notice I had left. If he noticed he did so silently! I was happy he was happy, but oddly enough sad that he didn't care I left. Funny how you don't want kids to cry when you leave but then when they're fine you aren't. I think I do that a lot and the pediatrician has an actual syndrome for it...First Time Mother Syndrome, pretty sure its made up! It is so hard not to put our own emotions on our kids.

Our current battle is that of the will. James doctor feels that he should be talking a lot more then he currently does...which is really none at all. He has said Thank you, Hello, and something along the lines of Daisy, my mom's cherished dog. This morning we were getting ready for church and he wanted a sippy cup, which is fine, but I wanted him to either sign for it or ask me for it. So we stood there and he did his usual song and dance at the cupboard and usually I would have gotten it for him, but I waited for him to ask for it. I reminded him of the signs and the words that would get him his cup, but still nothing. Pretty soon it was no longer a cute little song and dance, it was on. He throws himself onto the floor and starts screaming. It took all I had to not laugh at him, which I am pretty sure is not a normal reaction. This lasted a minute or two and when I was just about to give up Daisy walks into the room and he forgets about needing to have the sippy cup and starts running after the dog! I won by default!

Curtis came over today. It is always nice to have the family together. We took a walk along Maxwelton Beach, the same beach that we walked some 7 years ago the day he came home off his mission. This time it didn't smell and we had James instead of Darrin, one of our friends. It was perfect and that's when he knelt down and proposed to me. Even little James played his part in the proposal...the ring. Curtis had given James the box to give to me. I actually had to practically ripe the box out of his hands. It was so sweet and simple. This means we are on for January in Puerto Rico. Life is good, now I just have to convince my mom and my older sister that this is a good thing.
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