Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Globe Trotting

In January Curtis and I took an exciting trip to Puerto Rico and a few of the Caribbean islands. We had the chance to go with a big group of friends and although it was so much fun and so exciting we were really happy to come home to James and let life return to our wet, cold Washington life. We were really surprised how colorful San Juan was. Walking up and down the different streets in old town the buildings were different, colorful and bright. The streets in this famous, 7 square block, part of town were all blue cobble stone which added to the light and breezy lifestyle they have there. It was so beautiful and we have definitely found a place to return to again and again.

This picture was taken at one of the old forts that used to protect the island into the Atlantic Ocean.

Curtis and I in Dominica overlooking the Emerald Bay, emerald because of the color of the rocks causing the water to appear a beautiful green.

Again on Dominica with a waterfall named Papa behind us. This volcanic water was warm and is believed to help heal certain ailments.

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