Thursday, June 19, 2008


This morning was like every other morning, we ate, did baths and then I started cleaning up. Usually I take James down with me and close the child safety locked door behind us, but this morning was a little different. I was in charge of food last night for 80 sisters for our Enrichment activity and I had a lot of cleaning up to do, so I took care of all the pens and went down stairs leaving James up stairs to play. That was my first mistake...I love the peace and quite, but sometimes that can be a warning sign. I came up stair after starting my first load of dishes to find James coloring on post it notes with a pen, but no other pen markings any where to be found, so proud moment right, almost. I complemented him on his drawings and as I do that he turns around to expose the precious pink shade of lipstick. Oops! It was all over the desk, his arms and clothes and of course his face. It was a cute shade, but now it resides in the trash can. Oh well! The joys. It was the first time I have ever left him unattended in our bedroom and it will be a while before it happens again!
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