Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things you've missed...

Our yearly drive to Leavenworth to see the leaves was a little late, but it was great to get out and play. The boys really liked the leaves in the center court. I tried to get something of the two of them for a cute Christmas picture, but when your working with a 3 year old and a 1 year old your wants are not on the top of the list. When I got out the Halloween costumes to see what we had to work with James fashioned this one for a few days. I was pretty sure he was going to want to live in it, but it has been successfully put away! PS this is his costume from 2 years ago!
Logan playing at Dan Porter Park with cousins. It has been great to call up Emily and say hey lets meet at the park to play!

Curtis and Logan in front of the tractor after the tracker ride at Hubberd Farms in Coupeville. It was pretty was also raining. We cheated because of the rain and didn't harvest our own at the farm, but we found some great pre-picked ones that made their way home with us!

Curtis and James waiting for the tractor ride to start! It was a lot more exciting than any other tractor ride I had ever been on!

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