Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My craft project

A while back I saw this idea somewhere online where they framed pictures from a children's book and I loved the idea, but not so much the price.  So I got to thinking what I could do to make these still look classy without the classy price tag.  And I thought about how they put pictures on foam board and how great that looks...so I figured why not try that.  So I found myself so not so cheap (almost $6) foam board from our local craft store (first mistake), my modge podge and foam brush and got to work.  It is so quick and easy to do and although they aren't perfect, I don't think people will be putting their nose to my nursery walls!
First I put glue on the foam board and then put the page on and then glued the top making sure to get the edges really well.  I did notice that it bubbled a little with the glue, but I wonder how it would work if you used card stalk behind the picture to stiffen it.  I might have to try it later.
Next I got out my box cutter, omnigrid, my moms mat and got to cutting!
Hanging it was my only question...that and it had warped a little when it dried.  So after I cut them all I put them under my stoneware from my kitchen for a few days which worked beautifully.  After I had my flat artwork I chiseled out little slots in the back of my pictures for hanging purposes.  Now I want to put up a few vinyl quotes from the book to finish it off.  I will share when I get that done.  Won't be tomorrow!

 Oh before I forget, I used the book Where The Wild Things Are and I took it to Sound Business Center to get the binding cut off.  That's a great little tool they have! 
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