Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan!

Its so super late, but in September Logan had his 3rd birthday.  We celebrated with a day at the beach and an experiment chocolate cookie layered with ice cream cake.  It was a beautiful day and we spent time in the boat and even had an adventure when the boat ran out of gas (cell phones left on shore).
  Logan wanted a DQ ice cream cake, but I decided I could figure something out.  Its not like I remember it in Martha Stewart Living.

 Some of the toppings fell on the floor, so Carson did his job by cleaning up the mess for us! What a good boy. 
Looking back Emily was in last years birthday pictures of Logan.  Dude, I must not understand how to delegate so that I can be in these pictures. 
Logan had PE tubes replaced May 31 along with a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy which from what I understand is the next step when the first set of PE tubes fail.  Within the first 2 weeks the left ear tube fell out, but the hearing test showed that his hearing was normal in that ear.  During the summer we started to be able to understand him a little better.   Everyday it seems like he is saying something new and on Wednesday we have a follow-up appointment to see if he's done with surgeries.  It was noted that jis right side fell out a few months ago after his second ear infection after surgery.  I notice that he covers his ears which must mean he can hear something, right?  He's getting so big and independent.  At school his best friend is Tegan and it is so sweet watching them play together.  See is this petite little girl and he's this beefy kid. 
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