Sunday, July 28, 2013

We moved...again!

I feel like I am always talking about moving.  I lived in the same house for 18 years,  but in the last 13 years I have moved 26 times.  Guess I need to figure things out a little!
I loved living in Coupeville.  I loved my neighbors, my job, the boys Pediatrician (Dr. Barrio) and the boys preschool. It has never been such a perfect fit and I guess that's why we stayed for 2 years.
Last year I was ready to do this move to Utah and even gave notice at work and the preschool, but then I got some sense knocked into me and I signed my lease for another year. At that point I felt like I was just doing my time until school was out and we could make the move south.
Moving away from my family was difficult and I worried about my mom. But in humor only Heavenly Father would think of my brother moved to Washington the same week I moved out of Washington. She lost 3 grand kids she knew intimately and gained 3 that had lived 15 hours away from their entire life.
Now we are in Washington, Utah and only 5 minutes away from my sister.  The boys have loved our daily visits to the pool or local splash pads and finding new places to eat ice cream. It is funny how Carson and Easton (both 3) don't get along, but Easton seems content playing with James and James doesn't seem to mind.
School will start in the next 2 weeks for Logan and James and I might even find a place for Carson to hang out for a few hours a week to play with kids his own age.
I will post pictures once I have done some cleaning!
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