Saturday, May 24, 2014

We played tourists today!

 We went out and got to be tourist on our own town! It was so much fun walking around and wandering in and out of shops...even with 3 naughty boys.
Our morning started out at Bear Paw Coffee and their "World Famous Belgian Waffles" except none of us went that way today, but their crepes are pretty darn great!
 Afterwards we stopped by this treasure, Thomas Judd's General Store ! It is seriously a hidden little thing with cute little candies, old fashion soda, freshly made giant cookies and ice cream scoops! The boys were talking about, "when we come back..."
 Are you seeing this Maple Bacon Soda?
 At 10:00 in the morning the boys were ready for Superman ice cream and had to settle for a dollars worth of candy instead!
 Right next door to the General Store is the Green Gate Village Inn and we were going to wander around the grounds, but it looked like they were setting up for a wedding. So we took a quick picture next to the green gate out front and the telephone booth that they use for check-in.  The boys wanted to pick up the receiver and it was a little tricky getting them to resist the temptation. Here is were I considered doing a little history lesson, but I already forgot when I learn other then it was something about Orson Pratt...I am an excellent student!

 While walking to the car we found a farmers market at Ancestor Square, bought some delicious potato based Asiago Pesto Bread, and ate some free popcorn from a real estate agent.
We found this guy sitting outside the bank! Must be in Utah!!! Kids were picking his nose...I opted to have a talk about who this is just in case they forgot and that although it was kind to clean out his dry Utah nose, that it would be better to keep to their own noses!
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