Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The first day of School

 It comes early around these parts, but actually we are over a week behind other schools in the area for the first day of school!  This year both my big boys are attending Valor Hall and we are really excited about that!
 Thing 1 in 3rd grade with Miss Joan
Thing 2 in 1st grade with Miss Debbie
Thing 3 and I stayed for the devotional and to take pictures of the boys on their first day! It was interesting to hear how their day starts everyday with a song, prayer, the pledge of allegiance, a scripture and an affirmation.  This week it is Thing 2's classes turn to be in charge of the Devotional, so he had the prayer.  Those sweet little children get to do that everyday! What a blessing.
 My 3 goofballs!
 Thing 1 at his desk
 Thing 2 at his desk 
 Miss Debbie reading Tacky the Peguin to the group at the end of devotional. 
While the boys were in school Thing 3 and I did lots of errands! We took in a suit to the dry cleaners, ate a watermelon cookie from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, checked on my residency status at DSU, drank smoothies, ran over to the mortgage company to print out bank statements, attempted to cash a check until we realized it was at home, to Target for adult hangers for Thing 1...how did he get to be so big and then finally we went to the store for tomatoes for dinner! It was good to get a little bit of everything done with my little companion! I don't usually have him with me, but it was a good change.
At the end of the day the boys were happy with how their day went, but they ready to come home and eat dinner at 4:15. It is going to be tough to get back into the routine of school after a fun summer, but we have all done it! Off to make Tacos for Taco Tuesday! Luv ya!
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