Monday, August 8, 2016

We started Football!

At the end of the school year Thing 1 asked if he could start football this fall.  Football has been one of those spots that I just haven't gotten into.  Maybe its the years of being forced to play in pep band in the cold while lugging a sousaphone around.  It took some convincing to get his father on board, but today we went to the weigh in and signed out gear...let the madness begin! We also lucked out and although my older two are in the 3rd and 5th grade they will be on the same team, so they'll practice at the same time and have the same games.  Thing 2 was reluctant to join in, but I'm not sure I gave him much of choice.  Gotta try at least once kid!
Finally our turn to find our gear!
Learning how the helmet is supposed to feel.
I'm not sure he's sold yet!
We packed some watermelon to help cool down in this 100 degree heat! Thing 3 said he needed to drink the juices so that the boys don't make a mess.
Such patient couches these boys have.  
Learning how to tackle the right way.
I am sure I am going to learn a lot this season.  Like tonight, I learned that we won't have all of our games in St. George...that was fun! We will see our state and learn a new sport!
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