Friday, August 23, 2013

Swig Sugar Cookies

Now that we live in Southern Utah there are a new things that just seem to be expected.  A. We are Mormon and B. we love Swig.  Sadly both are true, so I was excited to find this recipe so we can make these cookies whenever my kids want them.  I think the trick is the cream of tartar in the cookie that makes them so good, it is basically a Snickerdoodle without being rolled in the cinnamon and sugar. So let us begin!

Swig Sugar Cookies 

1 c. Butter at room temp
3/4 c. Vegetable Oil (I used Olive Oil cause that's what I have)
1 1/4 c. Sugar
3/4 c. Powdered Sugar
2 T. Water
2 Eggs
1/2 t. Baking Soda
1/2 t. Cream of Tartar
1 t. Salt
5 1/2 c. Flour

1. Cream together butter, oil, sugars, water and eggs. Add dry ingredients to butter mixture and mix until everything is well combined.  The dough should be a little crumbly and not sticky at all. 
2. Roll dough into golf ball sized balls and place on cookie sheets.  With the bottom of a glass dip into 1/4 c. sugar and a pinch of salt (in addition to the ingredients listed above) and firmly press the cookie so that the edges crack.
3. Bake at 350 for 8 minutes or until the bottoms are barely browning.  Move cookies to a cooling rack and into the refrigerator once completely cooled.

Now lets make that famous pink frosting!

Sour Cream Frosting

1/2 c. Butter at room temp
3/4 c. Sour Cream
2 lbs. Powdered Sugar (approximately 7.5 cups)
1 t. Salt
1/4 c. Milk
Red Food Coloring

Start by creaming together butter, sour cream and salt and then slowly add powdered sugar.  When it gets so thick its not like frosting add a slash of milk.  Alternate this process until your frosting is the desired consistency.  Add 2 drop of red food coloring and whip on high for 1 minute.

Keep cookies in a sealed container until they are ready to serve.  The magic of a Swig Sugar Cookie is that the cookies are cold and the frosting is room temperature.  Frost cookies right before serving (if you need to make them in advance and need to refrigerate the frosting make sure you give it time to warm up a little before serving).

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