Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I LoVe My FaMiLy!

On Monday we got together for dinner with the Oliverson Family and my mom at the Green Springs Park. I brought a meal for my family and she brought a meal for hers (funny how our families don't agree on food when Nancy and I were raised eating the same foods).  Some how we both managed to bring Jell-O salads to share (layered Jell-O salad and a pistachio salad) and my mom made a apple crisp with apples from Whidbey Island minus the flour, so it was like fancy apple oatmeal!  I had never been there before and I should have assumed it would be beautiful because it is just past the country club.  It was a perfect night for boys to play outside.  My mom got each of the boys a matchbox car, a mustache and a punching balloon.

 Mustaches! It was fun getting the boys together to take these pictures.  Even though one of my nephews wouldn't participate....well Brogan wasn't that hot on the subject either, my boys were sweet as can be and others were...creative. 

 This kids face kills me.  How can one person be so adorable?


 I'm glad my mom is patient with us, cause this was hilarious. 

 Until this little piece of magic happen and then this was even better!

 My new favorite picture of Logan.  It captures his personality so perfectly.

 Easton learned the proper way to blow up one of these balloons...cute kid could not make it work on this end.  Not for lack of trying!

The balloons were almost the same size as Brogan! Sadly between laying on the balloons and the grass only 2 survived! But all the boys went home with a matchbox car to play with. 
Tomorrow my mom starts the long drive home again.  It has been an amazing week and a half with her here.  We have done canning, thrift store shopping, road tripping and spent countless hours talking.  I don't know who is more said that she is leaving me, or the boys.  I am sure this isn't the longest I have not seen my mom, but it just feels so great to have her near by. 
Carson has really enjoyed spending time with my mom's new puppy, Rosie. She is a sweet little dog and we figure she must be about the same maturity level as Carson.  We put her in his carseat and they are both vibrating with excitement.  Carson has been so patient with her too, she still chews on everything including Carson and he just reminds her, "No chewing Rosie. No chewing."
Heading up to Zion National Park was a blast and a good reminder of the beauty that surrounds us even here in this monotone Southern Utah. 
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