Friday, October 18, 2013

Zion National Park

From the time I can remember my mom has taken us camping and taught us the importance of this beautiful earth.  She even sent us to foreign countries where we didn't speak the language to see and  learn about new things.  Today my mom joined the boys and I on an adventure to Zion National Park.  I remember going once while in college with my mom and older sister and her family, but my mom tells me of exciting memories of cars dying while driving through the dark tunnels when I was much younger. The rocks are amazing, the colors, the textures, the grandeur...incredible.  I feel so blessed that my mom loves me enough to drive 3 days to come and visit for 10 days and that we get to do fun things together. 

We started out the day chasing a hot air balloon.  We thought that it might land, but the driver of the hot air balloon just liked flying it low we decided.  The boys and I have seen it 4 or 5 times since we moved here, but never so close.  It flew right over our car and because I am amazing I got some close shots of it. 

 My mom blessed us by being old too! She has a park pass that gets her into any national park for free...just for being old.  Someday I will get that card too! There were so many things to take pictures of and it made me wish I had a second card for my camera.  I felt like I needed to hold back a little to save enough room for my family pictures that we would be taking on the trip into Zion.  We live 45 minutes away, we'll be back eventually.

 I love the contrast of the blue sky with the rocks.

 My mom brought her new puppy, Rosie.  She is a sweet little thing and very much a digger.  My mom said that she doesn't bark much which is good for everyone, but she is crazy about digging.  I guess I need to clean out my car, because she kept digging at the same spot under Carson's car seat.

 We also decided on this trip that Carson and Rosie might be the same age.  She kept sitting on his lap and they played and Carson laughed.  It was all very sweet and I wish I would have taken a video of them.  We still have 4 days left with my mom, we can make that happen.
 Having 3 boys means you will never get a good picture of everyone.  Someone will be closing their eyes in every picture.

 Thing 1
 Thing 2
 Thing 3
 One of us was a little less confident when it came to going back down the rocks.  Carson was laying down pushing himself down the side of this rock.

 Sweet rock!

 The sign said that these were glass.  The prettiest blue I've ever seen!

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