Monday, June 1, 2009

Family in Utah

Over the weekend I went to Utah with the boys to visit with my siblings and to be there when my nephew was blessed. It was a long trip, but so worth it. Curtis was in Texas all week and it made for a great escape from being a short term single parent. We left Thursday afternoon with my dad in my moms old car (my brothers new car) and headed south. We got as far as Pendelton, Oregon and we had 2 specifications when we hunted out our hotel room. 1. Must have a pool that's open and 2. Must have a free breakfast. Well we found it and enjoyed the idea of a pool since the pool was freezing, guess we forgot that in the thought process, and then a hot tub that was hot enough to burn your flesh off, guess we forgot to figure that into the mix too! The first night was good, boys slept great; we slept great. Friday we made it to Orem, Utah and after a quick dip in the pool with cousins we all went to sleep.

Saturday was a frenzy of errands and family. My sister in laws family was all there, but her mom, and they brought most of the yummy food. My little brother was nervous about the blessing, but did a fantastic job, not sure that there is such a thing as a bad blessing, but the spirit was felt and all went well.

Sunday we had a good laugh at church. James sat with me as well as my niece Claire (almost 5). While the sacrament was going around I thought that I would close my eyes and just ponder for a moment and enjoy the peace when my son, taps me on the shoulder and says, "mom wake up!" That was one of those moments that you laugh because it wasn't your kid...right it was mine...nice!

After sacrament meeting we left in moms new car headed North. My mom's new car is still very new and has now been broken into by 2 very sweet boys. Poor mom, she didn't want any juice or any food in the car, and when your driving with a 3 year old it's so hard to control everything he does. For the most part the boys slept good and played well. James realized that the car is small enough that he can open his own door while still buckled! That was fun!

When we got in the ferry line we were in lane 7 of maybe 20 lanes but when you start loading at lane 12 you don't think your going to make it. So I jumped out to get 2 Salmon Caesar Salads and one pasta bowl from the Ivar's restaurant. Well just in case y'all care, you can still make it on even being in lane 7. While I was getting dinner, mom and Logan were getting on the ferry and leaving us behind. Luckily we got our food and were able to explain the entire thing to the ticket lady and didn't have to pay again! Mom made it on the 7:00 ferry and James and I made it on the 7:30. Made for an interesting day at least.

Jace in my dad's glasses, now that's hot!
Lawrence and Garret! Aren't they sweet together?
My family Jace and Nancy with Garret. He is 3 1/2 months old and just starting to be more verbal and active. He is full of smiles and laughs

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