Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Pictures

 At the beginning of December we had our family pictures done and of course it happens during a fluke cold streak in St. George! We planned on doing a 90 minute session at the park, but when we got back out to the car after 30 minutes out in the snow the temp was 19 degrees and all 3 boys were crying.
This was first pose which explains why everyone looks happy.  Shortly after this Logan pushed Carson down in the snow and Carson's nose started bleeding.

I was glad we wore white so that it was easy to photoshop my shirt white.  I am sure eventually my boys will stop wiping their faces on me. Between the blood, snot and was lovely!
 Poor sad Carson, brothers pick on him all the time for being the baby.
 A tender moment of happiness!

I'm so grateful for all that we have been through together this year.  We have moved twice from Washington to another Washington, made new friends, started school, quit a job, got a cat, had birthday parties and bought 15 new Lego sets (that was a sad reality).  We are already looking for big things to happen in 2014. I am restarting school, getting a job and we will be moving AGAIN. Life will never be the same!?
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