Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meal Calendar

When I found out I had to go back to work I knew I would have to have to start planning our meals or else my kids would be eating cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches every night! I had seen this calendar on Pinterest a while back and I get so jealous that my little sister does such a good job at meal planning so I decided I needed to do better. So I found this cute magnet calendar from Target, 3 pieces of paper, modge podge, glass pebbles, a pair of scissors and some magnets. 
After I printed out the meal ideas I applied modge podge to back of each pebble and pressed firmly to each of the meals.  After they were completely dried I used crafting scissors to cut around each pebble.  I tried to use a circular punch but the pebbles aren't a universal size, so you could see through the pebble and into the calendar.
Put some modge podge on the back to help seal and secure the paper.
Use a hot glue gun to adhere the magnets and press firmly to ensure the magnets stick well. I noticed that when I didn't press down on the magnets really well that the magnets can be tilted and tend to fall off.
This calendar was easy to assemble and it will save me some serious money if I can plan ahead and shop the sales. The kids and I sat down and decided what meals we all enjoy and I left some spots open for new recipes so we can expand our repertoire!
I also started thinking about meal prepping one day a week. On Monday I only worked a half day so I pulled out a bag if chicken (I almost wrote children) to cook up, a dozen eggs to boil, chopped up some salad and restocked the kids luches supplies.  I seasoned some chicken, cut some up for chicken nuggets/chicken parmesan, and put some in a bag with Adobe stuff and threw it in the freezer for next week. I figure if I have lunches made the night before I will have one less thing to stress about in the mornings. So far we have all been on time for school/work, so it must be working!
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