Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This was our first Christmas on our own and I gotta say it was...boring.  It's funny how quickly they can open presents and then the clean up begins.
On Christmas eve we had a turkey dinner with one of our neighbors, ate pie, homemade candy cane ice cream and opened stockings. 
 Have you ever seen someone so excited for fuzzy socks that he picked out himself?
 Or these?
 At the same time?
I had to throw this one in that James took of me and the little boys on Christmas Eve just to prove I do exist. 
 Christmas jammies!

Hoping that someday he will learn how to just smile and not be a goof. 
 Our little tree that we brought home in the back of my tiny car smashing my boys.
 My boys before they saw that Santa came!
 And so it begins!
 The boys were able to have Curtis on the computer (Skype) while they opened presents.  It did make me miss my family and our traditions, but it was fun to have my boys with me.
 Enoying their spoils
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