Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baptism Day!

 We were so lucky today to be witnesses to James baptism as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  To be surrounded by family and friends was prefect. I only wish everyone could have been there and that is what this post is for!Yesterday Clay, Stacie, Cora, Curtis and Mama (Grandma) came in to town for James big day! We have been talking about this day and planning for it for months and it was finally here! James and I had talked about how to plug his nose and not to kick up his legs when he goes under the water...the important stuff.  Yet in the car on the way to the Stake Center it is my 5 year old that asks quietly, "Mom, did you bring extra underwear for James for after is baptism?" Oh my goodness.  I am pretty sure that there is no amount of planning that could have prepared me for this day! I didn't bring dry underwear James went commando!
It was so moving seeing the 4 kids sitting in the front row dressed in white.  It made me grateful for the power of the priesthood here on earth and that men have been given such an amazing gift to bless the lives of others with.
 Several people asked if Clay was James father or my brother...interesting story! So grateful that Clay was willing to run back to the house when there was the mix up and get all his extra stuff! He really made our day.  During the ordinance Clay was especially emotional which made holding back what I felt inside a little harder.  As a parent I feel like I have a lot of moments that I wish I could repeat or pause and watching James be immersed into the water was definitely one of those moments.  Even so it felt a little surreal, like it was moving in slow motion for that moment, just long enough to really take in the gift of the spirit.

I wish we would have had time to take happy pictures afterwards and we probably should have just taken happy pictures of just the adults since we have all learned to fake it by now.  The kids at this point were done with this day and more than ready to move on do lunch! It was fun going to Texas Roadhouse with the Oliverson Family, Clay's Family, Mama and Daddy.  We were a loud bunch but it was worth the bribing to get us there. 
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