Sunday, June 15, 2014

We keep the celebration alive!

I have always been a lover of all things birthday and my kids are lucky in that way! I get so distracted sometimes I forget to even buy them a present, but we sure do have a lot of fun (It's been at least 2 years since I forgot to buy a kid a present FYI).  I think it comes from my mom's side of the family, but every birthday morning we make birthday pancakes! It is a skill I am getting better at, for James birthday he even got pancake balloons.  I have learned that I have to write out the name on a piece of paper first and then backwards so I know what I am doing when I start with the pancake batter.
 I don't know why it was such a shock to me when Carson came home and told me his teacher told him he was turning 4...I had been planning his party for weeks, but to hear him say it made me do a double take!
It was so great to have Mama there visiting for Carson's birthday/James Baptism.  We had to bribe James to go to Texas Roadhouse afterwards and since we all needed naps and the ice cream had slipped his mind we waited until it was a little more convenient to bring it up for the adults! Carson's birthday was the perfect excuse to double up the ice cream bribe! Menchie's has this great side room that had enough space to let the little's run around crazy while Mama, my little sis and I had some adult time before we opened the presents, so it was sanity time too.  While Mama was done in April we found this fabric and I had mentioned that Carson needed another blanket for daycare now that we were back to full time.  I had donated all of the one's I made for him thinking we were done with the daycare thing, oops!
 It was a perfect gift for him.  He has been carrying it around with him and it is great to have a little piece of Mama at daycare too.

  After Menchie's we went swimming at our complex and then during nap time/quite time I made some candy cane ice cream for Carson's Birthday. It was a long full day/weekend with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, a Baptism, daddy, Mama and we were all exhausted.  None as much as Carson.  After dinner we attempted to wake him him to get him to blow out his candle, but that was easier said then done!
 He's just a new 4 year-old!
This is while we were singing to happy to be awake!
James attempted to convince him to blow out the candles while Carson attempts to fall back to sleep.
 So sleepy he needed help blowing out his candle! Poor kid!
 After all was said and done it was a great way to end an exciting weekend. I am so grateful to be the Mommy to this handsome guy.
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