Monday, December 31, 2007


Sometimes James will do something and you can't help but laugh! We were petting a lab over the Christmas weekend and James is never slow to try out new things! I caught him in the kennel a few times. Here he is trying to close it and getting frustrated that it wont lock! This kid maybe on to something! The funny part about this for the dog is that Sam was sent in there for being naughty, this must have felt more like corporal punishment!

It has been really fun to watch James with Sam. James spent the entire 5 days we had him trying to cuddle and walk him. It is a good thing Sam was rasied with little kids because James didn't offer him much space! One of these days when we are done with apartment life and we have a big yard we will have to get this boy a dog! He sure does love dogs, he makes me stop when we are walking so he can pet the dog!

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