Friday, December 7, 2007


Just put James down for the night. Attempted a late night Michael's run, not sure what I was thinking taking him out 30 minutes before his bed time. I was looking at ribbon for my project and I turn around and he is climbing out and I literally caught him in mid air getting out of the cart. And that was within the first 5 minutes. I am working on putting together some makeshift announcements for my little brother. He was married on the 2nd of November and they still haven't sent out anything and my mom was going to do it and I figured I could do them faster so I volunteered. I thought I would lay him down tonight and just whip them out, but not so fast. I wanted plain brown card stock to copy their invitations, but they didn't have all. Am I the only person in the world that uses brown paper? I am sure that most people aren't using brown card stock for their holiday cards, but I may be mistaken!

Curtis is off on a business trip so the house is strangely quiet. It has been really nice not having television. I never noticed how much time I wasted in front of it. I have tons to do still, boxes to unpack, Christmas light to find and laundry to wash.
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