Friday, December 7, 2007


Curtis & I flew to Vegas last week! It was so much fun! We stayed on the strip and although I would never stay on the strip again it was a good experience. On Friday we started out going to Hoover Dam and West Grand Canyon. It was raining so we didn't spend much time at the Dam and then we were really bummed that the Grand Canyon was rained out. On our way back we got snacks at a little store on the Reservation and it must have been the only thing to do in town. Everyone knew each other and were all looking at us, well I was wearing shorts. When we got back to the hotel we got ready for dinner and a show at the Excalibur. It was great! The country we were assigned was the Dragon, the bad guy, so we got to cheer on the bad knight!

Saturday we went to the Spring Preserve. I think they said it was 168 acres in the middle of the city and although there is no longer a spring there they have kept this area preserved to educate. If it would have been warmer and I wasn't in shorts we would have walked around on a few of the trails and done a little hiking, but I was not dressed for Washington weather. Later that day we went to the Shark Reef and I got to touch a sting ray. So slimy! There was actually a little Australian girl that walked up to the sting ray pool and wouldn't touch it because that's what killed killed Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. You can't make stuff like that up, she actually used his name. For dinner we figured we could find something good to eat at the Hawaiian Market which was not at all Hawaiian, but we ate some amazing Indian Food. Wow that was the best curry we had ever eaten before and we debated taking it back with us. But after much thought we figured our breath would be bad enough for the Ice show. Our seats weren't the greatest, but it is amazing what these people can do on ice. The strength that it takes and the trust. They were throwing each other around and dancing from the ceiling with ribbons. Wow! They even dance through the crowd.

Sunday our alarm didn't go off for our 6:40 am flight so when we woke up at 5:15 we were in a bit of a panic. Usually I think we would have made our flight but there was a huge marathon in Vegas and they closed down the strip. We were so lost! We we finally got to the ticket counter it was 6:45. We ended up flying standby and landed in Seattle a 1:15, not too bad since I was supposed to speak at a baptism at 1:30. I am sure my mom did a wonderful job in my place. Anyways Vegas was beautiful and the temple was lit so brightly! Gorgeous!
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