Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our New House

Curtis and I are fixin to "buy" our first house! I say "buy" because we are doing a lease to own on a 2 year contract. The house is in the old part of Everett and sits right next to an Elementary school. I believe it was built in 1918, which makes Curtis weak in the knees to think about, so it has that craftsmen charm inside. We are in the process of remodeling and adding to the house and it looks like we won't move in until closer to October 1st. We had hopes it would be September 15th, but we will just hang out on Whidbey Island until then, so watch out Whidbey here we come!
Curtis has been busy completing the unfinished basement after hours and on weekends. When he's done it will have a guest room, 3/4 bath, a play room, theater, office and our food storage room. On the main floor he is adding about 20 feet to the back of the house with a sun room and a bigger laundry room. We are going to have a washer for Curtis and one for the family. His clothes are so yucky when he gets home, I welcome this idea! In the spring we have plans to take off the roof and add another bedroom upstairs and a master bath with a walk-in closet, oh and then Curtis wants to build a garage with a shop and a bio-diesel plant in the backyard with an apartment up top...not sure when that fits into the plan, but it will happen I know that. He is continually complaining about the price of diesel these days and making his own would be nice. I know we are busy kids, but we have big plans...plus Curtis loves it. We are really excited to get this all done and be able to move in to our first house.
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