Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yeehaw for me!

I have somewhat successfully talked my OB into inducing me on the 3rd of September for all those that are interested...that would be Wednesday. I have a lot to do before then and not much time left to do it in! I have been looking for nursing bras for the past few months and very seriously the last week and I finally bought two yesterday. I have my hospital bag packed...well almost. Some of those that are close to me have me somewhat worried that I may come home with a girl, so I wanna pick up a little girl outfit just to be on the safe side. Oh I should probably pack my tooth brush too. I have the apartment mostly packed and need to get that done before Wednesday too. I bought a full size couch yesterday at Ikea for $243, so I don't know how much more I can do since I have this thing in my way when I am lifting and carrying boxes.

Oh something else I still need to do is find this child a pediatrician...haven't done that yet either. I decided to have a pediatrician do the circumcision instead of the OB, since I have been hearing a lot of horror stories from friends, so I really gotta do that fast. Tuesday will be a long day, forgot Monday is Labor Day (wish it was my labor day).

My mom and dad set up the crib down at the beach house so that will be all ready for us when that time comes (its a good thing it is a neutral print), but I still need to get my portable crib to Lynnwood so that is ready too. I have maybe 10 meals made, but they are in my mothers freezer, so maybe I should get something into mine to take us thru Sunday. My mom is coming over Wednesday morning to take James while Curtis takes me to the hospital and when things start rolling she will drop him off with my girlfriend and assist my woosy husband. I am not sure what her plan is, but we talked about her pulling up the RV and staying a couple of days, but since we are going to be moving to the island Monday, maybe we will skip that step. I think I will have to stay in the hospital until Friday since they have a 24 hours requirement for baby before we can go home. I am ready to have this baby right now, just don't know how ready the rest of me is.
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