Monday, August 4, 2008


What a busy few weeks we have had. July started out with my entire family in town and 2 weeks of sleepless nights with them. Then we had a Kincaid family reunion and wedding from the 24th - 27th. When we got home I unpacked, did laundry, cleaned my carpets and did most of my cleaning that I had been neglecting the month of July. On the 29th while dropping my mom off to the ferry found out that an extra driver would be needed to move my eldest I came home repacked the same suitcases and left the morning of the 30th and drove to Boise. Thursday we made it to Orem to pick up my little brother and his wife. Friday we drove to Phelan, California only to arrive at 11:00 at night, so cleaning and packing didn't start until Saturday. On Saturday we left Phelan for our 6 hour drive at 8:00 at night and with car trouble made it to Cedar City, Utah, at 3:00 in the morning. Sunday morning we got up and got ready for Church only to get into the cars and find out we still had car we prayed, gassed up and hit the road to finish out the last leg of the trip to Orem (which took us an extra few hours) and started unpacking again.

Sigh...what a busy last few couple of weeks we have had. Since this brings us all to today; we are unpacking and organizing and will say our good byes tonight and then head back to the hotel and take off tomorrow morning early and drive as far as we can since I have my baby shower Wednesday evening at 7:00. Guess I should make it to my own shower, eh? So the next time you see James and I we will have a few more wrinkles and puffy eyes, but we will be home and happy with our adventures. But I have learned that moving a family of 7 is easier said then done, but I am sure our move coming up will have the same amount of craziness since we plan to move the end of this month beginning of next and I am due September 8th! Life is good!
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